12 Foods That Reduce your Body Heat


 The average body temperature for a person is 98.6 degrees. This temperature will vary from person to person.

But if the body temperature rises above this, it can cause many problems in the body. So it is very important to keep the body heat under control.

Since it is summer now, the body temperature is likely to be too high. Such heat not only increases body heat but also causes abdominal pain, itching, pimples, dizziness, and fatigue.

So to alleviate such body heat one should follow a diet of reducing body heat and drinking more water and drinks made from fruits.

Well, now that you know what foods reduce body heat, add more of it to your diet to reduce body heat and keep your body healthy.


If you eat this fruit rich in water daily, the body heat will be reduced and the body will be dehydrated.

Enamel fruit

Melon fruit is one of the most important fruits that alleviate body heat. This fruit is very cool. If you eat too much of it at one time, some people will get a fever and cough due to the cold in it.


Cucumber is one of the most popular summer foods. As it is high in water, it reduces dehydration and also relieves body heat.


Mint is very helpful in relieving body heat in natural remedies. So for those who have high body temperature, drinking mint juice will give good results.


Radish is high in water and is rich in Vitamin C, an antioxidant that reduces body heat.


Even if you eat sesame daily, your body heat will be easily relieved. Also, the body is high in water.


If you soak cumin in hot water at night and then drink it in the morning, your body temperature will drop.

Coconut water

Coconut water is best when compared to other food for reducing body heat. And if you eat it every morning on an empty stomach, the body will be healthy with a cold.


Even if you drink pomegranate juice daily, your body will stay cool.


If you eat a handful of poppy seeds and drink water before going to bed every night, you will get good restful sleep and your body temperature will be under control.


The most popular natural remedy is to eat dill daily. Thus body heat is easily relieved.

Cold milk

Adding honey to cold milk, even if drunk on an empty stomach, will relieve body heat.

Doing those things and keeping your body cool will helps you more in summer.

So follow these foods to keep your body temperature in control.

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