How to Promote our blog post on social media

After creating successful posts on your website, we have to promote our blog post on social media. Without marketing your content on social media and just uploading blog posts will never make your site reach across audiences.

Don’t wait for organic traffic to your site. It won’t come until your site ranks under the top 10 results in google searches. To make your site ranking, you should build a consistent audience or visitors for your site to get noticed by google search engines that will make your site rank on the top 10 results of google search.

Then it automatically gives you organic traffic to your site. Then you can make some profit out of it. It is not a simple process to reach your goal, because your competitors also do all these methods for their site to rank in search results.

Making unique and fresh content with attractive thumbnails will pull the audience to your site automatically. Before promote our blog posts on social media, you must do On-page SEO for your post that will also help your content to reach more audiences.

Don’t know what is On-page SEO? and How to do it? Click here.

Create Social Media Accounts

First of all create an account for your site on every social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Tumblr, Reddit, etc… Many other social media platforms are there where you can promote your content.

Every social media platforms are differ from one another. You have to set up social media in a different way.

For example, in Facebook, you can create a separate page for your site and post the link to your blog post that will post as a Facebook post where people will see your post on your website if they click the Facebook post.

But on Instagram you have the option to put only the photo and videos on your Instagram account, you can set your site address in your bio section only. Your website link will appear only in your profile section.

Twitter will work like Facebook, but you’re not allowed to create any separate page for your site like Facebook, you have to share blog posts on your main account only.

Even Pinterest, linked in, Reddit, and other platforms will have their own style where it is slightly difficult to build an audience.

But consistency will make you reach the audience. There are many platforms, plug-ins, and apps to share your blog post in one click. You don’t want to share every time you post an article on your site. There are some plugins available for WordPress which will automatically post your article on all your social media accounts.

But I will suggest you not use those plugins and apps to share your blog post on every platform. If you’re going to work full time on your website, then you try to share your blog posts by yourself that will give you a clear idea of how the posts are working on social media platforms.

Also, there is some problem when you use automatic sharing on social media platforms because many platforms are allowing third-party apps and plugins to manage your account and put blog posts on their platforms.

My accounts are got blocked and terminated by Facebook and Twitter because there is no action by my side for so long time. I only use it to automatically post my blog article with one click. I don’t see whether it is posted or not.

Some plugins and apps show that they posted well, but your post will not post on your social media platforms. To avoid these problems yourself share your posts on every platform. It takes you only 20–30 minutes.

If you get bored of doing this. You will lose your audience for your site. The advantage of using these platforms, where you can make free traffic to your site without paying.

Create an Attractive Logo

Before creating social media accounts for your site, create an attractive logo and cover photo for your social media profiles that will attract people to your profile.

Use, place it, or any other tool for your logo and cover photo creation. Canva and place it will make your work easier.

There you can also be having several templates for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms which you can use for your work.

By using those premade templates you can make attractive designs and reduce your work in half.

Clickable Hot Headlines

Creating clickable hot headlines for your posts is in your hand only. To know creating hot headlines for your posts, just watch other successful competitors how they use their headlines for their posts or articles.

These headline checker tools are also available free online that can use for you in a good way. You can get an idea of creating which type of headlines from that tool.

Reading newspapers also helps you to create clickable hot headlines for your blog posts.

To know the importance of headlines and how the headlines help you?

Headlines will make more visitors to your site even if you’re blog posts are average in quality. Headlines and thumbnails act as a one-sentence article which makes people more curious and urge to read the full article.

So creating good headlines and thumbnails will separately work for your blog posts.


To get visitors from social media profiles, giving some giveaway or e-book related to your niche for free will definitely make some reasonable visitors for your site.

In online you can find many free e-books for your niche. So use those free e-books as your marketing tool to get more visitors to your site.

By following these steps you can reach your goals organically than you think. Because establishing your Blog or website on social media platforms will make your site unique among your competitors and makes people visit whenever they want some solutions for their problems.

Try to build your site with a niche-based site which will fastly make more attraction among people on social media.

Above mentioned details are from my experience and other successful blogger’s experience also.



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