Foods that Cure Stomach Ulcer at Early Stage


 If you found a stomach ulcer at the early stage itself, then it can be easily cured by some foods. But it is not applicable for serious conditions. So follow this method only for the early stage of stomach ulcers.

The ulcers are classified as gastric ulcer, esophageal ulcer, and duodenal ulcer depending on the location of the lesion. If you have symptoms like persistent severe abdominal pain, irritability in the stomach, and even moderately alkaline foods causing excessive pain, adults at home may realize what the ulcer is and begin to correct it through diet.

Here is the list of foods that cure stomach ulcer at an early stage


Black nightshade( Mana Thakkali keerai)

Black nightshade has vitamin D and vitamin E nutrients in it. It is slightly sweet and cool. Take the spinach, grate it and squeeze the juice. Add lettuce with it and boil it in coconut oil. Eat the prepared recipe along mixed with hot rice. You can intake more spinach than black nightshade soup. Eating for consecutive 14 days will give you good results.

It is also good for mouth ulcers.

August tree leaves( Agathi keerai)

It is considered good medicine for mouth ulcers and stomach ulcer. It is rich in protein, fat, mineral salts, starch, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. Mix the spinach with lentils and boils it in sesame oil. This recipe will clean the esophagus to intestinal ulcers and the rectum and heal ulcers. But take only one cup of this spinach per day for consecutive 14 days. Thus it will give better benefits.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is also good for stomach ulcers if take this daily one glass as like spinach. Drink this milk in the morning. You can also eat coconut in a raw state. It will give you good results.

Do this daily for consecutive 14 days for better results. Continue this milk as it is good for your health also.

Fruits and Juices

Eat finely ripened bananas, Mountain bananas, cardamom, green bananas regularly. Squeeze pomegranate juice and drink it mixed with filtered honey to cure stomach ulcers. You can also drink apple juice. Add honey with grape juice and drink it.

Add coriander, mint and a pinch of salt, and a pinch of pepper to drink. In summer Cucumber juice will be a great remedy for ulcer problems. Eat fruits that will be rich in fiber and nutrients. Taking this daily for 40 consecutive days will cure the ulcer problem faster.

Buttermilk and Yogurt

One cup of yogurt a day will cure those with ulcers. The good bacteria in yogurt help prevent the growth of bad bacteria. Take 100 ml of a cup of yogurt.

Buttermilk is better than yogurt. The more buttermilk we take, the sooner we will heal. The protein in buttermilk reduces the energy of the salt in the stomach. Reducing stomach irritation. Heartburn will go away and help to heal stomach ulcers.

Mix a pinch of cumin powder with whey and drink it and keep it in your mouth for a few minutes that will cure mouth ulcers. Take two tumblers daily.



The ulcer can be controlled by these foods only if you diagnose the ulcer at an early stage. Otherwise, it does not give full recovery, but it gives good health benefits.

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