In this, we know about a man lost his weight of 41kg over Seven Months from being 120 kg weight. In the process of weight loss, you will affect by fatigue and tiredness.

Even though there some people put some try and lose their weight. So we can also lose weight by following their path.

Here we gonna see about the story of weight loss achieved person in his way.


He was 21 yrs old adult, who lost almost 41kg in the duration of about 7.5 months by following more exercises and diet.

He told his story for us. When I was standing outside my house, there was a doctor who was just familiar to me going by the way. Then he saw me and asked me that, why are you so overweight. I told him that, I don’t do any exercises in my past.

Then he asked me, how old are you?. I told him that I was 21yrs old. He was surprised by my age and told me that, this is so overweight for your age and it also causes harm to your body.

That is the turning point, I realized myself and decided to reduce my body weight.

Food Secrets

I will eat upma and a glass of almond milk in the morning every day. Two Chapathi and a bowl of lentils,yogurt and sprouted crops for the lunch. One or Two chapathi and a glass of milk for dinner.

Pre-workout diet

I will eat a salad made with sprouted grains before doing exercise. After done my exercise, i usually eat my breakfast. I will take a protein shake if I’m still feeling hungry.

I also take fruits and vegetables with low calories.


I exercise 6 days a week. During that six days, I had running and Stair walking as my workouts. I also run about 5kms a day at early morning. I will go up and down at stairs 12 times a day.

Sometimes I lost control of my diet and try to eat tasty foods. But I kept myself in control by rejecting such thoughts.

Focus More

I really enjoyed watching Soccer and Basketball. I got inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo and Kobe Bryant with their body structure. I watch more videos of them and I wish to achieve their physique.

so I started focusing more on weight loss. I really enjoyed it when I got lose my every 1 kg of my body weight.

Overweight Issues

Being overweight, i faced many problems like high blood pressure, Cholesterol, and gallstones. I also suffered from early liver cholesterol.

10 years ago i was very healthy. Now I long to get that healthy body. I also kept losing my body weight to be healthy.

Lessons Learnt

Weight loss is a very difficult process for was very tough like climbing a mountain.

I’m sure I can help many people like me with being overweight. So I’m going to start a youtube channel about weight loss.


This is the diet and exercise that man takes to lose his bodyweight of 41kgs in about 7 months. Take this story as an inspiration to lose weight and be healthy forever.

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